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Hungry Toad Farm


Michael Malone
9498 Clyo Rd.
Centerville, OH 45458


Listing updated 03 26, 2016

Vegetables, cut flowers, microgreens, transplants, laying hens

Hungry Toad Farm is a small farm on the edge of suburbia outside of Dayton, in operation for over 4 decades. Always chemical free, currently certified through OEFFA. I sell at two markets, operate a CSA, and deliver to restaurants and stores. My goal for an intern is to teach through doing. Especially, I can help you learn more than just the technical details of growing.I In order for a market farm to be sustainable, it must be able to sustain the life-financial needs of the farmer and workers. In addition to knowing the hows of cultivation, learning how to make a living through marketing the product of your work is imperative. We do a strong cut flower business, keep laying hens, and produce transplants for sale. I am a very competent carpenter, plumber, electrician, and mechanic, so all of those tasks are performed here and by the farmer. I provide a separate living quarter for an intern that has its own bath and kitchen. I need help from mi May through October, but some interns want to stay on longer. All is up for discussion. See our Facebook page (Hungry Toad Farm), call or write to me through gmail

Michael Malone (937) 689-5910

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